Wauwatosa Luncheon Wedding

On July 20th I photographed the wedding of Pilar and Karl at St. Pius X church followed by the reception at Joses’s Blue Sombrero in Wauwatosa! It was such a fun day with the morning be sunny and hot- I mean really hot, and then a dark storm rolled in that afternoon! This was the first wedding I photographed in an actual church which was very cool- one of my favorite pictures is from up the balcony area- which I always thought were so cool when I was a kid.. but who am I kidding I still think they are! Karl is my high school friend’s (and past groom!) brother so I already knew half of the family and both families (Pilar’s flew in from Colombia!) were so good to me making sure I ate and drank the whole time, haha!




Dress: Macy’s (with hand beading by the bride’s mother!)

Flowers: Costco

Cupcakes: Sam’s Club

Church: St. Pius X Parish- Wauwatosa

Reception Venue/ Food: Jose’s Blue Sombrero

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